Cordelia Aduella was a student at Chronos Academy. She and fellow classmate Dia S. Loth went with their teacher, Noah Darling, on an expedition to find Azazel's Ruby Kilsein. However, while on the expedition, several people died. When looking for Chesed Stark and Tia Cross, she and a Nirvanism security officer, Jack don Vich, encountered Chesed and Nemesis in the cargo hold in which Cordelia and Jack met their demise.

Character Profile

Full Name

Cordelia Aduella








Chronos Academy

First Appearance

Noah's Past: Legacy of Egrigori

Bingo Book Kills




Abilities Edit


Synopsis Edit

Shadows of Egrigori arc Edit

When Noah Darling recieves word from his brother, The Order's Coordinator Lucas Darling, that Azazel's Ruby Kilsein may have been found, Noah leaves to go with an expedition. His students Cordelia and Dia travel with him. Cordelia befriends Jack during the trip. When people start dying, Cordelia argues with Dia in whether they should stay or not. While looking for Tia Cross and Chesed Stark, Cordelia and Jack discover Chesed and M. N. Nairb's plot to silence everyone. While trying to kill Cordelia and Jack, Tia jumps in front of Nairb's attack, getting killed in the process. After Jack is killed by Nairb, Cordelia uses her Kim-un-Kur powers to inflict Nairb with Living Nightmare. Cordelia then dies.

Trivia Edit

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