Chesed is a wizard who pretends to be an archaeologist and member of the Stark family. He accompanies M. N. Nairb on the Mt. Theo Expedition. He is revealed to be one of the killers and is ultimately killed by the guardians of Azazel's Ruby Kilsein.

Character Profile

Full Name



Chesed Stark






Organization V

First Appearance

Noah's Past: Legacy of Egrigori



Synopsis Edit

Shadows of Egrigori arc Edit

Chesed is recruited into an expediton to Mt. Theo to find a mysterious kilsein found by Matthau Ashford. The expedition finds Azazel's Ruby Kilsein and make camp. While the rest of the expedition is off exploring the kilsein, Chesed and Nairb kill Gretchen Ashford and Frank N. Stein and injure Akatsuki Rocain. The two later kill Abel Kane and Miliana Licayan.

When Chesed and Tia Cross go missing, the survivors go looking for them. Cordelia Aduella and Jack don Vich find Chesed with Tia in the cargo hold where Chesed is revealed to be an agent of Organization V. Nairb sends Chesed to find Noah Darling and Dia S. Loth while she takes care of Jack and Cordelia.

Chesed finds Noah and Dia in the mess hall. However, Leonardo de Ira and Pererun arrive and kill Chesed.

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