Cheruna is a target in "Bingo Book - Fallen Order Lieutenants". He is a lieutenant who goes to find out information from his underlings at Vestoria when he is attacked. He is one of the few Fallen Order lieutenants who have appeared in other storylines.

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Fallen Order

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Bingo Book - Fallen Order Lieutenants

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Personality Edit

Cheruna thinks lowly of hybrids, even referring Sirberius in their fight as "hybrid" and "hybrid trash". He prefers grace over power, giving off a charming presence when fighting. Alas, when he ditches his charming appearance, his personality alters along with his body, which grows taller and grows spikes. He attempts to keep his charm in his demonic form but it ends up creating the opposite effect.

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Dawn of a New Age arc Edit

Cheruna goes to Vestoria to meet with a couple of his underlings. While being told by his underlings of their failures, Sirberius Reono arrives. Sirberius and Zane Hediyoshi fight Cheruna and his underlings. With only Cheruna left, Cheruna morphs into a monstrous demon. He is finally defeated by Sirberius' Draining Infinity Cannon.

Cheruna is killed by Sirberius in "Bingo Book - Fallen Order Lieutenants".

Memento Mori arc Edit

In Rubi Delacoure's memory fragment, the Mystic Knights encounter a Fallen Order army commanded by Cheruna and The Demon Lord's Hand. Cheruna manages to severly injure Ruuso before fleeing. After The Demon Lord's Hand shoots Mare Mara, Cheruna and The Demon Lord's Hand flee.