The Black Circle was a movement first started by the Archangels, mainly Azriel and his right-hand man, Damien. The goal of the group was to protest against Atlantis' decision to make angels and non-celestial beings equal. It gained a lot support and not just from gods and angels, a few non-celestial beings also supported the Black Circle.

However, the movement backfired. Elder Gods, mainly Luke and Eleison, became infuriated and summoned Azriel before court. Just as Azriel was to be sentenced, Azriel attempted a coup d'etat, nearly killing Eleison. The Elder Gods were able to neutralize Azriel and the instigators and banished them.

With most of its organization gone, the Black Circle fell into the leadership of Ppelono, Mystia, and Azriel's girlfriend, Brit. Shortly afterwards, they gained the support of Elder Gods Izen and Amen, and minor god Marcosius. Shortly afterwards, Ppelono was killed by Tenkai Hyachi at the Maverick Hills Incident. Izen, who barely survived Tenkai's attack, was furious. With the propaganda of the Holy Lord, the Black Circle began The Great God War.

Everything after that went down hill. Izen was killed during the war. Marcosius and Amen resigned. At the end of the war, Sirberius Reono, sent by Draethius, killed most of the members, including Mystia and Brit. With only the Four Horsemen in control, the Black Circle went to pieces.

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  • The Black Circle was first introduced by Zane, though never explained, in the fight between Sirberius and Toltayose.