"You know, Nemesis, maybe you wouldn't be so mean if you lightened up a little. Socialize. Read a book. Personally, I would suggest reading Beloved."

Beloved is a story from another realm. The story revolves around the adventures of Miguel and nine champions: Ventus, Weiss, Maximillion, Tsae, Sora, Sutherland, Norbert, Trinity, and Juliet. They are tasked by nine gods to defeat the evil White King and Black King. On their way, they meet a collections of people, like the eight Twilights and the Chevaliers of the kings.


  • Beloved is a continuous gag used by Dmitri and his friend. The book serves as a fake literary piece that both put in all of their works. With no actual storyline, they are able to add details and claim outside things are references to Beloved.
  • Weiss, Tsae, and Sutherland are incidently referenced in Beloved.

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