"Most of the facts written here is based almost in the roleplay and the Bingo book hit list."
Player Carl

Before Yesterday, After Tomorrow, originally titled Mystical Community Archives, is a collection of entries by players pertaining to facts and information. A few were short stories.

Experimentation... Birth of a Demon GodEdit

Experimentation... Birth of a Demon God is a story by Daniel about Kurasawa Cross' Azazel Blood experiments at The Cell and the secrets behind Dante's powers along with a little insight on Draethius.

The Old War by Eis Gaille AllisEdit

The Old War by Eis Gaille Allis is a short story about the Old War written by Carl.

The Plan BeginsEdit

The Plan Begins is a story written by Zane about Sirberius Reono's time in the Death Dimension.

The Acquisition of the City of DisEdit

The Acquisition of the City of Dis is a story about how Azriel and Damien fought the Archangels for the Burning City of Dis.

Article XXI-74 - HellrunnerEdit

Carl's entry for Hellrunners.

First Article of Nirvanism, Religion of the Chapters of BlissEdit

First Article of Nirvanism is the first entry regarding Nirvanism. It was written by Jojiro.

Epitaph of the Holy LordEdit

The Epitaph of the Holy Lord is the first epitaph written by Dmitri. The story surrounds the adventures of Heine and Zein.

Twilight CipherEdit

This entry was a collaboration effort by Jojiro and Dmitri. It shows the final edition of the Twilight Cipher, designed by Dmitri and developed by Jojiro, along with definitions of each point of the cipher, which make up the Abyssal Codes.

A Forgotten War, the birth of Zombie Needle Forest by Krisz RelloEdit

A Forgotten War, the Birth of Zombie Needle Forest is a short story by Carl's fictional author Krisz Rello.

Ancient Gods Seals and Sigils - By a Magus long dead Revised by Krisz Aille, Sine Tama and Foru MahsaEdit

Ancient Gods Seals and Sigils is a list of chapters for a fictional book by Carl.


An entry on doppelgangers by Thomas.

Death in This WorldEdit

Death in This World is a poem by Carl.

The Lost Tradition of DuelingEdit

An entry on dueling as written by Carl.

The Elder's SealEdit

An entry by Thomas on the Elder Gods.

The Essential Guide to Magyk [I]Edit

The Essential Guide to Magyk~ Chronos Academy Edition is a textbook for Chronos Academy. Several entries from several articles from the book were submitted. This one talked about "Alchemy vs. Elementalism", "Law of Equivilancy", and "Law of Constancy".

The Essential Guide to Magyk [II]Edit

This entry discussed the differences in magic-users.

A Brief Summary of ProphetsEdit

An entry on prophets by Carl.

Ki Dælçöñ VialsEdit

An entry on Ki Dælçöñ Vials, mystical vials. Written by Dmiti.

Fallen OrderEdit

An entry on the Fallen Order's history. Written by Dmitri.

Death Knights ClanEdit

An entry on the Death Knights Clan by Dmitri.


An entry on the Stärke and Reihe races. Written by Dmitri.


An entry written by Thomas about the Mystical Community's currency.

Mint Act of 0 NAEdit

An entry on the Mint Act of 0 NA, which gives more details on Si'm('s). Written by Dmitri.


An extended info on Nirvanism including a list of the members of Tarot. Written by Dmitri.


An entry on Zodiac. Written by Thomas.

Angelic UnitsEdit

An entry on angelic units Numbers, Egrigori, Thorns, and Colors.

Epitaph of ValueEdit

Dmitri's second epitaph. Gives more information than the first.

The Forbidden ArtesEdit

An entry on the Forbidden Artes: Lycoris Kymo, Wonderland's Carol, Luna Sinus, Ocularis Infernum, Final Plague, Deadly Sword, Sands of Time, and Sephiroth.


A list of the V.U.s.

Demon HierarchyEdit

List of the demon taxonomy.

God EpithetsEdit

List of god epithets.

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