Epitaph of Value




The Lycan God



"Akorus the Lycan God is born."
— Epitaph of Value —

Akorus the Lycan God is a character in the Epitaph of Value.

Epitaph of Value Edit

Akorus was one of the children of Leg Godt. Akorus was the one who created the lycan race. During Zein's search for the Twilight Cipher, Zein went to Phi, Akorus' domain where Akorus and the lycans were fighting off vampires. Years later, Xaltienne sealed Akorus.

Legacy Edit

Millenias later, a lycan named Helmut Wolfe pretended to be the reincarnation of Akorus: Akorun. Akorun created the Akorun Cult but was later killed by L'rac Aledan.

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