"Abyzou the Abyss is born.


— Epitaph of Value

Abyzou the Abyss is a character in the Epitaph of Value and the creator of the Abyssimi.

Epitaph of ValueEdit

Abyzou is one of the children of Leg Godt. She created the demon race. During the war between Heine and Xaltienne, Nemesis went to Abyzou with a proposal for an alliance with Xaltienne. Abyzou refused but her Chevaliers Du Abysse succumbed to Nemesis. When the chevaliers attack Zein's group, chevalier Lumis summons Abyzou. In anger, Abyzou turns her chevaliers into weapons. After Draethius wounded Lumis, Abyzou turned Lumis into a weapon as well. When Xaltienne is sealed, Abyzou scattered the Twilight Cipher fragments.

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