This article is about the Nirvanism Maester. You may be looking for the angel Abel.

"Gretchen’s good friend is Abel Kane. Nirvanism Maester. Husband of Miliana Licayan and father of two. Named after an angel of the same name. Abel, Gretchen, and Ryo are old friends so they’ll stick together. If you mess with one, you mess with all of them."
Lucas Darling to Noah Darling

Abel Kane is the husband of Milliana Licayan and father of Ben Kane and Zayru Licayan. He is a Nirvanism Maester during the days of Cordelia Aduella being the current Kim-un-Kur. His lieutenant was M. N. Nairb. While on Noah Darling's expedition, he and his wife died.

Character Profile

Full Name

Abel Zayru Kane




The "Radar Shockwave" Maester




Nirvanism, The Order

Abilities Edit

Crystal ~ Radar Shockwave Edit

"Radar Shockwave" was never demonstrated, only mentioned by Jack don Vich. According to Abel and Jack's conversation, "Radar Shockwave" is similiar to a bat's echo loaction.

Synopsis Edit


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